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Every dream has a beginning:
yours starts with Fasto.

Fasto leads the charge, offering unparalleled global visibility for rental agencies and fostering a dynamic digital marketplace.

Experience the thrill of supercar rental like never before with Fasto.

We enhance agency exposure, eliminate unnecessary fees, streamline paperwork, and accelerate processes.

Step into the future with us, as we revolutionize the industry, embracing the digital age with fervor!

Rent your dream car directly from your phone

the premium choice
for SUPERCAR enthusiasts

In a sea of generic rental services, one platform confidently stands out, reigning supreme for luxury and supercar enthusiasts.

This outstanding service offers the most competitive online prices and guarantees unwavering security throughout every step of the rental process.

Your dream supercar, now within reach.

With Fasto, say goodbye to boring bureaucracy and endless waits once and for all.
Dive into a system where real-time car availability meets unbeatable prices, dramatically outshining the offline market.

Drive Digital, Drive Luxury

With Fasto, dive into a hassle-free supercar rental experience that’s purely digital.
From choosing your dream ride to finalizing the deal, every step is a click away.
Fasto merges luxury with digital convenience like never before.
Experience the new era of supercar rentals.

Higher visibility
for rental agencies

With Fasto, not only do you achieve greater visibility, but you also get a dedicated platform to spotlight your unique offerings.
Dive into a modern approach that elevates your promotion strategy.

Payments are received
in advance

Our platform processes payments beforehand, guaranteeing prompt fund transfers.
This quickens delivery times and diminishes potential risks, paving the way for a smooth and safe exchange.

100% Safe thanks KYC User Validation

Fasto optimizes customer onboarding.
Through our platform, we swiftly validate new users with robust KYC checks, ensuring trustworthy clientele and safeguarding your enterprise.

the Supercar
Rental market

Fasto is committed to giving global visibility to rental agencies, making the market more competitive and digital.
With Fasto, supercar rental has never been easier.
It offers universal visibility to renters, eliminates unnecessary management fees, reduces bureaucracy, and speeds up processes.
The main goal is the digitization of the industry, bringing most operations online.


of orders are still managed offline

Roughly 65% of luxury car rentals still operate offline, frequently encountering challenges and delays.
From day one of affiliation, Fasto addresses and resolves these issues.


BILLION Dollars worth

By 2030, the supercar rental market is projected to exceed a staggering $84.3 billion in value, presenting a monumental business opportunity.


of Agencies have no CRM!

A whopping 86% of rental agencies lack a CRM, fail to profile their users, and neglect marketing promotions, thereby missing significant opportunities to boost their revenue.


of demand is for short-term rent

The demand for short-term rent is substantially higher than the long-term one.

Security and trust are paramount in supercar rentals.
With Fasto, every transaction is safeguarded, every communication made crystal clear, and any dispute is addressed with utmost fairness.

Your fleet, your conditions.

As a rental agency owner with Fasto, you have complete autonomy and control.
You set the terms, the price, allowable mileage, insurance provisions, and other key criteria, ensuring your fleet operates exactly as you envision.

Transparency is our commitment to you.

Our pricing model is straightforward and honest, devoid of hidden charges or surprises. When you engage with our platform, you can be confident that the price you see is the final amount you'll be paying, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy transaction every time.


We are the first to offer the luxury car rental services through an app, making the whole process of:

• Onboarding,
• KYC Security validation,
• Booking,
• Payment,
• Collecting the car

, fast and safe both for customers and rental agencies.

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